Monday, May 15, 2006

05/18/2006 - First posting

A fellow blogger/friend insisted that it was very satisfying to write personal blogs which shared your life and experiences. I took up his advise and here I am blogging and telling everyone what I am upto everyday/week (as if I don't do enough of it already). Another reason for starting this blog is to improve my writing skills which leave much to be desired.

To get started, I am re-reading The Da Vinci Code (illustrated version) and its wonderful to have the painiting in front of you for reference. My first reading was on a copy borrowed from the Eugene Public Library during the good old days of student life. I am almost done now and looking forward to watching the movie tomorrow.

I have been listening to this indipop album called "Kailasa" by Kailash Kher a lot lately. It has the "Allah ke bande" song which was popular a while ago and it has good lyrics. Besides that I think it has a sufi touch to it and I am beginning to get into Sufi music ecently. I read someplace that a new Sufi private album with the best Sufi tracks is coming out soon and I am looking forward to listening to that one when musicindiaonline has it. I happened to listen to the disgusting "Mallika I hate you album". Can't understand who gets paid for making music like that.

I haven't had much time to experiment in the kitchen recently. I do plan to try my hand at something new this weekend if I have some time to spare. Besides that I am wondering what I could start reading next. Hmm.....Maybe somehting light that won't require me to use my brains much. Can't think of anything else to share. So, goodbye untill somehtign exciting enough to blog happens in my life!